Engine 15
















2015 Freightliner Class A Engine

1250 GPM Hale Pump

1000 Gal water

30 Gal Foam


1st out on Structure Fires in Barnardsville

               Engine 15-2












1993 Freightliner Pumper/ Tanker

1250 GPM

1250 Gallon Tank


1st Out Mutual Aid

2nd Out Structure Fires in Barnardsville

                                                                                                                                              Squad 15












1997 International

Urban Interface/ Light Duty Rescue

1250 GPM

1000 Gallon Tank


1st out on MVC's

2nd out on Brush Fires

3rd out on Structure fires in Barnardsville

                         Tanker 15











1987 GMC Super Tanker

475 GPM

2500 Gallon Tank


4th out on Structure Fires in Barnardsville

Special Request for Mutual Aid


                                                                                                                                                Brush 15












2003 Ford F-550 Brush Truck

420 GPM

300 Gallon

Tank with

15 Gallon Foam


1st out on Brush Fires, Investigations, Tree Downs

















2013 Ford F-350

Paramedic Level


1st out on Medical Calls and MVC's


                                                                                                                                                    Tac 15
















2003 GMC Yukon

First Responder Vehicle

EMT-Intermediate Level


2nd out on Medical Calls

                         Truck 15











2000 Ford F-350

Utility Vehicle/Seasonal Brush Truck

First Responder Vehicle


* Removable Tank and Pump/Skid Unit on truck during brush fire season.

300 Gal tank / Low Volume pump

                                                                                                                                               Rescue 15
















Chevrolet Kodiak

Heavy Rescue/Hazmat Truck


2nd out on MVC's

5th out on Structure fires in Barnardsville

                          Car 15

















2001 Dodge Durango


Personnel Carrier/ Training

                                                                                                                ATV 15

















ATV 15


Engine 15-3 Parade Truck











1965 American LeFrance


750 GPM


500 Gallon Tank

                                                                                                                               Fire Prevention & Education
















Fire Prevention & Education

Chief 15

2019 Dodge Durango

Chief Response Vehicle


Bat Chief/Paramedic Phillip Kuykendall





FF /AEMT David Rice

Captain/Paramedic Micahel Sprinkle 



FF/Paramedic Mark Rice



100 Dillingham Rd
Barnardsville, NC  28709

Phone: 828-626-2222

Emergencies: Dial 911


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