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July 19, 2021 Board Meeting Notes


Members Present:  DuWaine Maney, Chuck Sprinkle, C. D. Merrill, Phillip Kuykendall,  and Elaine Hensley.  Chuck Sprinkle conducted the meeting.  D. D. Merrill opened in prayer.

The minutes were presented.  C. D. Merrill moved and DuWaine seconded that we approve the minutes. The minutes were approved.
DuWaine Maney presented the Treasurer's report.  We have $521,000 in bank accounts. We have taken in more than we have spent this year which will offset last year's budget which went over:
Last year's ad val was 63,000; this years is 75,000.
Ambulance collection is $111,000  so far this year.
C. D. Merrill moved and Phillip Kuyikendall seconded that we approve the treasurer's report.  The motion carried.
Chief's Report:
Our new country contract is asking us to update or provide certain procedures that we may experience.  We are looking at how we can meet those requirements.  We will have one year to get that information in place.
We will have a cookout on August 3 at 6:30 for the firemen and board and their families.
We have had 395 total calls so far this year.  There have been 221 ambulance calls and 174 others.
The TAC truck will be here shortly.
There will be the Western Meeting at Newdale this Wednesday at 6:30.  Food will be provided.
Allie will be leaving the department July 31.  She will be going to Gaston County. Mark Rice will be returning August 16.  We are glad to have him back.  Michael Sprinkle is doing a good job with training... 
 We have lost a few volunteers, but we still have quite a few
Our next meeting will be on October 18.  The meeting was adjourned.




Captain/Paramedic  Phillip Kuykendall

Firefighter/AEMT        Morgan Silvers 

Firefighter EMT-B        Lucas Wilson 



Captain/Paramedic    Michael Sprinkle 

Deputy Chief/AEMT        David Rice


Kenny Davall



Firefighter/Paramedic   Josh Hensley 

Firefighter/AEMT          Noah Seay 

Captain/EMT-B         Jeff Payne 





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