Fire & Life Safety

It's a comforting fact to know that our children know the basics of Fire & Life Safety.  The professionals at Barnardsville Fire Department taught them how to recognize the sound of a smoke detector, how to plan an escape route in the event of a fire and so many more valuable safety tips.  Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare our children!

Please call 828-626-2222 if you need a FREE Smoke Alarm or FREE Battery replacement.


Did you change your smoke alarm battery November 1st? Have you tested your alarms?  If you need a NEW SMOKE ALARM they will be provided and installed at no charge by the fire department. Don't go to sleep tonight and gamble with your SAFETY!

For information about having Barnardsville Fire Department teach a Fire & Life Safety Program at your school, call 828-626-2222.

Teaching Fire Prevention is a Must!



Please keep your family safe by TESTING YOUR SMOKE ALARMS MONTHLY!



WNC Safe Kids


Please visit the WNC Safe Kids website above for child seat information and updates




Captain/Paramedic  Phillip Kuykendall

Firefighter/AEMT        Morgan Silvers 

Firefighter EMT-B        Lucas Wilson 



Captain/Paramedic   Michael Sprinkle 

Deputy Chief/AEMT  David Rice

Firefighter/EMT-B      Kenny Davall



Firefighter/Paramedic   Josh Hensley 

Firefighter/AEMT          Noah Seay 

Captain/EMT-B         Jeff Payne 





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