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July 19, 2021 Board Meeting Notes

Members Present:  DuWaine Maney, Chuck Sprinkle, C. D. Merrill, Phillip Kuykendall,  and Elaine Hensley.  Chuck Sprinkle conducted the meeting.  D. D. Merrill opened in prayer.

The minutes were presented.  C. D. Merrill moved and DuWaine seconded that we approve the minutes. The minutes were approved.
DuWaine Maney presented the Treasurer's report.  We have $521,000 in bank accounts. We have taken in more than we have spent this year which will offset last year's budget which went over:
Last year's ad val was 63,000; this years is 75,000.
Ambulance collection is $111,000  so far this year.
C. D. Merrill moved and Phillip Kuyikendall seconded that we approve the treasurer's report.  The motion carried.
Chief's Report:
Our new country contract is asking us to update or provide certain procedures that we may experience.  We are looking at how we can meet those requirements.  We will have one year to get that information in place.
We will have a cookout on August 3 at 6:30 for the firemen and board and their families.
We have had 395 total calls so far this year.  There have been 221 ambulance calls and 174 others.
The TAC truck will be here shortly.
There will be the Western Meeting at Newdale this Wednesday at 6:30.  Food will be provided.
Allie will be leaving the department July 31.  She will be going to Gaston County. Mark Rice will be returning August 16.  We are glad to have him back.  Michael Sprinkle is doing a good job with training... 
 We have lost a few volunteers, but we still have quite a few
Our next meeting will be on October 18.  The meeting was adjourned.

January 2020

 2019 was a very busy year for us at the fire department. Chief Mundy has just finished with the call statistics for the department. They are as follows:


 2019 Run Report


451- Ambulance Calls

2-Flown out by MAMA

36- First responder

11- Structure fires

3- Chimney Fires

31- Motor Vehicle Collisions

9- Brush fires

2- Vehicle fire

1- Hazordous Materials Incident

32- Unlock doors

0- CO detector activations

19- Tree Removal

4- Incomplete 911

12- Fire alarms

32- Investigations

8- Search and Rescue

72- Public Assistance Calls

40- Mutual aid calls


For a grand Total of 765 calls for service. Not the record but certainly notable! That's a total of about 2611 man hours! Our vehicles were driven a total of 34,387 miles during the 2019 response year. That's almost one and a quarter times if you drove around the earth's equator. 


Certainly impressive numbers and the firefighters have worked incredibly hard. We thank all of them for there hard work and dedication for it does not go unnoticed. We also want to thank our wonderful community members for the continued support.

Our department is also growing in numbers as we have added several new volunteers and paid staff last year. Our ambulance is now full time staffed at a Paramedic Level. This occured as of November 1st, 2016 and 2017 welcomed our first full year as a Paramedic department. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this full time transition possible! With wintery weather around this time of year please remember to drive safe on the roadways. Accidents on ICY road kill atleast twice the number of people every year that all other Natural disasters( Hurricanes, tornadoes, Floods, etc) do. Please be safe.


Please keep your family safe by TESTING YOUR SMOKE ALARMS MONTHLY!


Please like us on Facebook for additional announcements and Fire Safety tips.


Please remember if you need help Dial 911, If you call the station directly there is no guarantee that someone will always be there to answer the phone.


Barnardsville Fire Department was organized in 1958 and has the second largest fire coverage area in Buncombe County, covering roughly a 60 square mile area.  We serve a population of over 7,500 people with a good portion of our response area covering the Pisgah National Forest.


We currently have 24 volunteers, 7 full time employees and 4 part time employees.


The entire staff of Barnardsville Fire Department is a dedicated team of highly trained professsionals who proudly serve the Barnardsville Community with Fire and Medical Service.

                                                          Teaching Fire Prevention is a Must!

















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